Markovian Parallax Generate: On digital writing and poetics

Some output from mchain_input062007-062807; a brief explanation of the program’s workings

Posted in Mchain Program, Program Output (raw), Program Output (selected) by Eric Goddard-Scovel on June 30, 2007

Just so you can get a sense of what the raw output is, here are a few examples of what all of those blog posts etc. that I linked to below look like after they are mangled by the Markov chain program:

erock7@debian:~/Mchain$ ./ -k 2 -n 250 mchain_input062007-062807.txt

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You can see that I used a key length of 2. This means that the program treats every two word group as a single object in the database. So, with the sentence “I am so hungry I could ride a horse,” the following would constitute individual links in any resulting Markov chain:

I am

am so

so hungry

hungry I

I could

could ride

ride a

a horse

Every time that one of these two-word phrases appears in the rest of the input, the program notes in a database what two-word phrase follows it. Then, when the Markov chain is being constructed, when a link (as I am calling these key phrases) comes up, it follows it with one of the links that followed it in the original text, selected randomly from the list in the database.

I hope I made that clear enough. I hope I’m accurate enough, too. Adam would be able to explain it better.

You can see then why a key length of 1 cuts up the text even more and makes for a much more random text. I believe that the randomness and strangeness of the output decreases exponentially as the key length is increased. Something like that. Here’s what the output with a key length of one looks like using the same input file:

erock7@debian:~/Mchain$ ./ -k 1 -n 250 mchain_input062007-062807.txt

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I like how that one begins. If you compare the two output examples, you can see after a while (and after using the program dozens of times) the differences in them.

The question now is what to do with all of this stuff. We’ll see. I’m not really all that happy with the output I’ve gotten so far with this selection of input texts, but I’ll keep working at it.