Markovian Parallax Generate: On digital writing and poetics

EBR: electronic book review

Posted in Computational Poetics, Hypertext / Web Art, Poetics by Eric Goddard-Scovel on April 10, 2008

Thank you again Wikipedia.  I found this article on Digital poetry that contains a great list of links to “examples” on the Web.  One of these is EBR: electronic book review, which is filled with essays and  reviews on a range of topics associated with the development of electronic media and publication.  The setup of the website is innovative along with its content.  I’m just discovering it, but its exactly the kind of resource I’ve been looking for.

Hypertext / Code Poetry

Posted in Hypertext / Web Art by Eric Goddard-Scovel on March 29, 2008

73-sondheim.gifI’ve been looking into Hypertext and its various applications for poetry again lately.  I’ve been spurred on by some of the essays I’ve read in Contemporary Poetics, a book of essays on the subjects edited by Louis Armand and published last November from Northwestern University Press.  There were two essays dealing with “codework” or code poetry which confused/excited me, one of them by Alan Sondheim.  Sondheim’s essay, “codework,” was featured in the September/October 2001 issue (Volume 22, Issue 6) of American Book Review, which was focused on the topic of Codework (I’m going to have to get this).  I found an excerpt at an old version of their website.

I’m searching for more good links to hypertext theory and publications.  My finds are cataloged in a section of links on the right side of this blog.  I just found a nice (though old now) archive at BeeHive, an online hypertext journal in existence from 1998-2002, it seems.  Vol. 3 Issue 4 from December of 2000 has some works I’d really like to know more about, particularly “Recombinant / Code Poetry” by RE_WORKINPR and “Technocrime and Others” by Kenji Siratori.  I get the same feeling of excitement at new possibilities for writing when looking at these poems as I did when I first started to read my spam folders aesthetically three years ago.

I want to know more about what kind of work is being done in this area.  If any of you readers could help, that would be great: comment or e-mail me.  I’m going to keep looking in these little spots of free time that I have.