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All the Action is Over at Gnoetry Daily

Posted in Blog Update, Gnoetry by Eric Goddard-Scovel on February 8, 2011

This website isn’t wholly dead for me yet, but my activities have shifted over to Gnoetry Daily, a community poetry blog centered around human-computer poetry generation. I’ve got some new ideas now for this blog and my other personal blog, wlal.

The last update I had on my work was my series The Same, which has died and come back and died again a few times in the last year or so. It’s past now. Dead to me. I’ve moved on to better things.

Some highlights on the Gnoetry Daily site:

  • A range of poetry generators are being used (Gnoetry, ePoGees, n+7, diastic reading, mchain, JanusNode)
  • GnoetryLeaks is a new series that Eric Elshtain started recently using Wikeleaks for source material and threatens to go viral
  • Poems written using of popular music and rap lyrics as source texts
  • Obscene Anti-Poetry of the End Times (6x6x6)
  • Gertrude Stein makes some hypermediated appearances (gertbot)
  • 1337 (that’s LEETSPEAK)
  • SciFi Gnoetry
  • And much much more


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