Markovian Parallax Generate: On digital writing and poetics

Second Draft: Composed off of mchain_input062007-062807 selections

Posted in Mchain Program, Poem Draft by Eric Goddard-Scovel on July 22, 2007

Over vacation, I’ve managed to work on a second draft of “Once In A While A Large Machete.” It looks a bit different from the first, and I’ve tried to add in (or destroy?) a new rhythm, although I am questioning how well it has been communicated in this draft. Tell me what you think.

Note: The blog is refusing to keep my tabs in when I publish the post, so keep in mind that every line that does not begin with “How…” or “Am I” or “I am” is indented in about 8 spaces. You can view it in it’s correct formatting by opening this doc file: once-in-a-while-a-large-machete-072207.doc

Once In A While A Large Machete

How is it you float
above while I must walk through the
blood everywhere?
Am I
the street children stole your money?
Am I
the boys let water into your basements?
the men that hurt your children?
How your guards hold
those blades before them as
if they didn’t know of
the desire to help others.
I am
a retired auto mechanic.
a ‭37 year old female.
‭I am
‭ the fox trots over your thoughts
‭ hot nights when you lie back and
‭ bites gently.
‭How you hover over
on strings come down and
judge all unsuitable.
‭I am
‭ incapable of satisfaction.
burnt out on the land.
I am
older and married and
could get pregnant by
a long barreled rifle.


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